Sunflower Public House

I finally finished my model of the Sunflower, and am really happy with how it turned out, and very glad that I changed my plan in the end. I feel that this was definitely a lot more manageable, and feel that I made the best decision.

I do, however, wish that I had given myself enough time to texture it fully and to add the detail work in the bricks on the upper floors and the cement texture on the lower walls. I may come back to this in the future to add those details


Details for the Sunflower

Today I went round to the Sunflower to take some pictures of the details so I have a better idea of what I have to model.

The main models other than the building that I’ll need are the cage at the doorway, the security cameras, the air conditioning units, the signs, the cigarette bins and the lamppost.

Change of Scene

After changing aspects of my scene over and over, I decided it would be best for my project to pick a different environment to model, something more tangible and which I wouldn’t be tempted to change. This was when I came across the work of Joshua Smith and Satoshi Araki, who both create stunningly detailed scale models of urban buildings.

Seeing these models and how they were lit made me want to model a building which actually exists, much like both of these artists as it means that I’ll be able to focus on detail work rather than changing details. This along with the current Save Cathedral Quarter campaign made me take a look around myself and I decided to model the Sunflower Bar on Union Street.


This building’s design is gorgeous, and the fact it’s alone against more modern buildings just adds to it’s unique design. I also really like the parts which add character to this building, like the air conditioning unit and the cage at the door. Although I was really enjoying my previous concept, I am really excited to move on and get in to these models! I plan to continue with my old concept to boost my portfolio going in to placement.

A Witch’s Study

When I first head about our personal project this semester, my mind immediately rushed to the possibilities related to creating another environment because I really enjoyed that project last semester. After taking to Art Station for inspiration, I decided to try and model a witch’s study/ house, with books, and inkwell and candles.

Looking at these designs, I decided to block out my basic concept in Maya before I began modelling and created a list of things I would like to include in my final scene.


Although I know I want to have a it be a witch’s study, I’m not sure what period I want it to exist in, or if I want it to even have a set time period. Some models I know I want to include are books, candles, plants (and possibly a herbs to hang off the wall), an inkwell and potions.

Discipline of Choice

  • 20% of Final Mark
  • Final Hand-In: May

As well as our Studio Client project, halfway through this semester, we’ll have to choose a VFX/3D/Animation related discipline to further our personal practice.

I’m really excited to have the opportunity to work on my own thing again this semester as I really enjoyed working on my sculpt last semester. This time I think I’d like to focus more heavily on hard surface modelling and environments and combine two of the things I enjoyed most last semester.