Week 1 AKA Week Zero v2.0

After our “official” week zero, we had another within the animation course as it is a very social degree and important that we get to know and trust each other, so, we were split in to groups of 6 (2 first years, 2 second years and 2 final years) and each given a brief.

My group was Rhea, Courtney, Oisín, Bobby and Paul and our brief was to create a kinetic sculpture for someone’s living room. We started with some research to see what exactly a kinetic sculpture actually is. This lead to us looking at examples of kinetic sculptures which already were available and brainstorming ideas which combined aspects of what we liked from these existing products.

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We split up and did some concepts art and when we regrouped realised that we had gone in quite different directions but had mostly all decided that it should have some function other than just being aesthetically pleasing, so we decided to make it a phone charger which would rotate as the phone charged.

During the research process Oisín found the Dreamachine, a stroboscopic flicker device that put it’s viewers in a trance by creating light pulses which correspond with the brains alpha waves. We thought the design of this was interesting and decided to try and incorporate the cut outs in to our design somehow.

Rhea and I did some more indepth research about the dream machine and discovered that the lights and shadows that would be cast by the cut outs could actually help many different illnesses including Seasonal Affective Disorder, Dementia, Gulf War Syndrome and Panic Disorders. I thought that it would also be interesting to see how the colour of the light could influence the mood of the user and we decided that we would put colour changing LEDs so that the user could change them depending on their mood.


We then modelled the aspects of the product and began to animate it. When we did the pre vis we realised that the render time was going to be a lot longer than we actually had and so we rendered a few hq stills and lowered the quality for the demonstration video

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Watch Final Render of Sculpture