So here’s my first ever showreel with assignments done for this module!

Over this break I plan on working on the skills I’ve learned during the semester and hopefully improving a lot before the next semester!



For this week’s assignment we had to animate a wee wormy blob in a scene with a cube and sphere. We each planned out different ideas of what the scene could be and in the end decided that it would be best to have the worm on top of the cube trying to jump on to the ball, hitting it and falling off.

I worked on the beginning of this with the worm getting ready to jump off the cube until just before it hits the ball, then Kristina worked on the rest! I found this rig quite difficult to use as the worm deformed quite a bit so it was hard to really apply the principles to this.

Today in class though, Alec helped us sort it out and here is our finished piece!

Arm Rig

This week Sinéad was unable to work with the group due to issues outside of uni, so Rhea, Kristina and I worked together on the arm rig!

Our original plan for this was two have 2 arms essentially playing catch. The ball would drop down into shot, be caught by the first arm which then threw it to the second. The second arm would then try and throw it into a ‘goal’ like thing!

Rhea and I took a video of us throwing each other a ball to try and get an idea of how the arms would look when they’re moving (in the video though I was super aware of the fact it was being recorded and so my arm movements look really strange and unnatural…)

However when we had issues with parenting the ball and arms, so after consulting some second years (who though they were surprisingly helpful, also couldn’t sort it out) we decided to scrap that plan and make it a bit simpler. Rhea and I worked together animating the beginning of this piece and then Kristina did the end!

Obstacle Course

On Friday we were given the task of animating a ball bouncing through an obstacle course. We met up yesterday to discuss plans for the course design and the animation. Here’s what we came up with:


We worked on this piece together, personally I did the second section with the ball bouncing between the two blocks just until hit begins to spin.

Bouncing Balls

Last Friday we were given the task of animating 3 bouncing balls in maya with different characteristics.

On Wednesday my group, Rhea, Sinéad and Kristina met to discuss what sort of balls we wanted to animate. Rebecca‘s group had brought in balls to experiment with and so we paired up with them to research what the balls actual looked like when being bounced in real life:

After doing this we had an idea of what the arcs of the balls would look like while they were moving and how the weight of the ball impacted this. Just as an extra measure, I drew out roughly what these were like.


Then it was time to actually animate them!