Finalised Piece

Unfortunately while all the sound files were done, there was problems when it came to editing together the separate pieces of our title sequence it didn’t quite work out right. I feel that this sort of takes away from the sequence.

I am however happy with how the piece has turned out as a whole, here it is:



For our motion graphic we intend on using 3 types of music throughout the piece to represent the different characters as they move/ dance.

Here are the pieces I’ve created in Garageband for the motion graphic (Ryan is doing the last one as I have no idea how to approach Hip Hop as a style of music….)

Originally I planned on making the music with only my ukulele but this was unfortunately an impossible task as it caused me to limit myself way too much. However, when creating these pieces I made sure to use the same notes in them and the same kind of chord progressions and I am happy with how these pieces turned out even if the song at the end is very repetitive and kind of annoying.

In the video is a title card I made using John’s typography for the piece and a drawing of the character Eve designed in the second week, Equaliser, looking  pretty fed up.

Dividing up the work

We’ve decided to split up this piece in order to get the work done faster. I plan to work on the music for the title sequence, Michelle and Ryan are going to work on the animation for it and John’s going to work on the typography for the piece.

I was saying to John earlier that it’d be cool if the fonts for the title sequence related to sound waves in some way as this is what the world is based on. Hopefully he’ll take this on board with his type.

As far as the music is concerned I plan on using the same 4 chords that are used in most rock and pop songs to create pieces that fit with the music styles of the world.

Here’s Axis of Awesome demonstrating how these chords are used in most music:

Recording Day

Because we’re on such a tight deadline we got stuck in today after life drawing, I brought my camera and tripod to uni and we filmed the start of the video in many different ways, however, the tripod was shaky and so we have to re-film.

Personally I’m not sure whether we’ll have time to do the beginning part of our storyboards but I’m hoping we can.

Motion Graphic Development


Today we began to come up with concepts for our title sequence piece and these are the main concepts I came up with.


We then came together to see which ideas we liked the ideas of and coincidentally a couple of us had the same ideas from the animatic last week.

We started working on story boards to plan out the ideas. Here are the ones I came up with today:

Our plan for this is to start of with a live action shot of an amp or guitar and then animate the world and zoom in on this. Then it’ll transition to the characters dancing along to their own type of music. At the end of the the sequence Equaliser will appear covering her ears because she hates all the sound (possibly with all types of music playing at once?) and will get up and pull the plug ending the animation.

More Research

After thinking more about title sequences I thought of title sequences that were memorable to me and about what it was that I liked about these opening sequences and what aspects of them we could take inspiration from to influence the direction of our title sequence .

  • Community (Series Specials): I love the simplicity of the Community title sequence and the music that accompanies it. In the Special episodes the title sequences change to fit the episodes better, some examples of this are Digital Estate Planning and Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas
  • Steven Universe: This opening sequence really shows the shows style and intentions from the beginning, I think the title sequence is really sweet and I love the fact that it gives us an idea of the characters and their personalities.
  • My Neighbour Totoro: This title sequence has really sweet timing and doesn’t give away too much about the movie.

I then went on to Art of the Title to look at other opening sequences and found these were some of my favourites:

  • La Vrai Vie des Profs: I like the mix of real life and animated pieces in this sequence. The 8 Bit aspect is really sweet to me and it’s a style that I’d love to try
  • Super: I love the simple style of this this sequence. The drawings are simple and colours are really eye-catching.
  • Catch Me If You Can: This is a really iconic title sequence, I love how minimalistic style of this sequence.
  • Het Klokhuis: This Danish show’s stop motion title sequence is truly modern and really beautifully done. maybe we could use some stop motion aspects.



Title Sequence Research

We  are to include full colour and sound, there was no length limit on the piece, and so we began to look at different types of title sequences and movie intros.

There were two that instantly came to mind for me; Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and Monsters Inc.

The opening sequence from Monsters Inc. which uses basic shapes which move and change in time with the music along with a wide range on colours to create a really memorable introduction. This is by far my favourite of the introductions we have looked at.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World’s opening sequence (begins at 1:03 in the video above) is live action that has been drawn over, I really like how this sequence is done and the idea of using some live action footage in our title sequence is something I would really like to do.