As part of this project we have to do a presentation for the game that is a maximum of 15 minutes long.

Due to personal reasons, I was unable to help out as much as I’d have liked to with things this week and as Eoin and Rebecca were working hard at the animatic (like seriously, I’m in awe of these two) I began putting together the presentation.

After they were finished they came and helped me out with some things on the presentation. We then split up slides with who was most comfortable doing each part, unfortunately Philip was unable to make it in today due to personal problems and so we’ve been keeping in contact with him to make sure he knows what he’s presenting in the morning!

Here’s our finished presentation and Eoin and Philip’s amazing animatic!


More Carts

Eoin did some digital designs as well as a couple of GIFs showing how the cart works and the movement for the cart which can be seen below. I think that they’re are really beautiful designs.

I then took this in to Maya and came up with this:

I’m very happy with how this turned out considering it’s my first time modelling in Maya.


Eoin and I both had a go at creating posters to ‘advertise’ the game within the world.

rhea typography

Typography by Rhea

I wanted to do a poster that featured Rhea‘s gorgeous typography but also the aspects of our slide and one that featured the silhouette of the slide that Rebecca had designed and the colours of the layers that we had on the cart design also by Rebecca!


Problems Solved?


Scale Chart done in Character Design Week. (Lorna’s the wee black dot!)

Something that has been difficult throughout this project is the size difference between the characters in the other layers compared to those in the first layer.

Originally the idea was for there to be more than one slide, but then we decided that the game should be a sort of a time trail with the characters going down the slide one at a time, meaning that there would only be one slide. Rebecca came up with the idea that there could be a kind of groove or indentation in the slide  that the smaller carts could fit in to!


Eoin’s concept art for the slide with indentation

The other problem we had was trying to come up with a name for the game!

We had thought about cheesy  (awful) rollercoaster names and decided to cut that idea out completely before it developed (even if Mad Marbles does sound a lot like something a kid Lorna’s age would come up with..)

We then thought of combining the words marble and marvelous to come up with “Marbleous.” Everyone had liked this name, but I thought about takingthe idea of unity and such one step further..

I speak French fluently so thought about the idea of combining the French word for marbles “des billes” with the word marble to come up with Marbilles and after I pitched this it seems to have stuck, this means I can finally  finish up my posters!!

Marble Cart Design

For the marble carts, Eoin suggested that we make the carts unique for each layer that reflect the layer or the characters that the cart belongs to. We then realised that any extras on the cart could be a hindrance when it comes to the movement of the cart and so the design should be more streamlined for the track/ slide.

He did some amazing sketches based on the gyrosphere which the whole group loved and decided to base the cart on, it was simple but in my opinion a really practical and sleek design. Rebecca then did a sketch of this with all the colours of the world representing the unity the game has created.




When discussing cart design ideas, Eoin and Rebecca both thought of the Gyrosphere from Jurassic World, as I’ve yet to see that (unfortunately) they had to explain it to me.

The Gyrosphere is like a giant hamster ball that navigates 2 passengers around the Herbivore sanctuary. The exterior rotates freely, keeping the rotation of the passengers inside, completely independent. Eoin linked us to a video that I found really informative and this could explain how the carts work in terms of the laws of physics.

Now we need to look at how the slide will accommodate the cart. Will it be like the rolling ball sculptures I was looking at that are railings that the carts fit in to? Will it be like a water slide that the carts go through?

Marble Slide Advances

Today Rebecca showed us her slide designs and we were all totally behind the idea and ready to roll with this idea and develop it further.

rebecca sketch

There would be more than one slide to allow the layers to compete against each other,  and the losers of each round would be eliminated leaving an overall winner for the game. Characters start off at the podium at the top of the slide and whichever makes it to the finish line at the bottom of the slide first is the winner of that round. For right answers you will be taken the shorter route to the next question, wrong answers will take you the longer/ scarier route and if you don’t answer a question you will be made to go round in circles until you do answer!

One of the main problems we had when trying to come up with the game was that there is a MASSIVE size difference between characters from each layer so Rebecca came up with the idea that the characters could each have a cart that is specific to them, but this got me thinking, would characters go down the slide at once? Would there be more than one slide? would different cart sizes give some an advantage?