Colour Pieces

Here are my finalised pieces for colour this week.

With these I was experimenting with using watercolours firstly in a limited palette and then after using cooler colours to shade the warm colours used in the rocks. I feel that these pieces could be better but I am glad I experimented with this style.

On the left I was trying to use warmer colours near the front of the image to add depth to the piece. These colours are very highly saturated and while I do like the effect I achieved with these markers, I know I have room for improvement.

On the right I attempted to replicate one of Niamh Lynn’s pieces from last week. However her blog is private and so I can’t link the image to give her the full credit her work deserves.

hourglass finished

My digital pieces are by far my favourites, I like the style I used for it which reminds me a bit of 8 bit cartoons and the colours are inspired by those I created on Adobe Capture, they are not however done in these palettes as when I tried to stick with the palettes created the pieces seemed even less realistic and lacked depth (I know understand why Conánn hadn’t recommended using this process!)

I know that the buildings are very out of place within the scenes I have done but this is something I hope I have a chance to work on and improve upon over the course of this semester!


Adobe Capture

One way that Conánn had talked about achieving nice colour palettes was by using Adobe Color (though he did not recommend this method!)

I decided to have a go on the app using stills from films that my group and I had been talking about when discussing our plans for adding colour to the world as well as some of Moebius ‘ pieces.

Some of these were:

  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Aladdin
  • The Lion King

Here’s what I came up with!

Colour Theory

When researching colour theory in order to make my pieces work I came across this video which I personally found extremely helpful for this assignment.

I also find these pieces by Hans Bacher from the visual development of Aladdin and Hercules very helpful in creating colour schemes.

Another artist whose use of colour I find really gorgeous is Moebius, as his work uses a lot of purples and oranges beside eachother to create shadow on rocks and desert scenes. I find this really visually stunning and hope to be able to achieve a look like this in my work eventually. I also love how his outlines are obvious as I feel they really add to his pieces.


La Planete Encore by Moebius


This week after presenting our tonality work our groups got changed again, so now my team is Bethnay, Claire, Dervla and myself. The project we’re on is now Hourglass World, which Niamh‘s team worked on the week before. We finally get to use colour!

I started off by looking at their blogs for their tonality sketches so that I had an idea of how they imagined the environment of the world.  After this my group discussed the world and decided to base our world colours of classic Disney with warm colours in day scenes and cooler colours for night scenes.

I’ve started to research colour tutorials and hints for making good colour palettes etc as the idea of colouring a world is pretty daunting. Hopefully this will help!