Final Animatic

Yesterday, Dervla and I worked on putting together the panels for our animatic, and then she took over and edited them together for our final piece. Although it’s not the piece we had originally intended which involved more advanced camera movements and seemed more excited as a piece I am happy with how this turned out (especially considering the groups poor time management skills!)

Here are the panels I put together

And here is our final animatic on Dervla’s Vimeo account

I feel like the hyper detailed backgrounds and the simplistic characters work well together, though I wish that we had had more poses for the happy cute creatures. Overall I am happy with how the piece turned out, though Michael did point out that they shouldn’t really have been coloured. I guess we know for next time!



Coloured Characters

Unfortunately the task of colouring the creatures and Timekeeper was much bigger than I had originally anticipated and so I didn’t finish everything on time for this morning. But they are now finished!

Here are the coloured creatures:

And the shots of the Timekeeper

I feel as though I have let my team down in a way and know that in the future I really need to work on my managing my time better. Today Dervla and I are going to work on the layouts for each panel and edit together the final animatic. I hope we can still achieve the original idea for a panel to panel animatic with music.


Animatic Progress

After receiving Bethnay’s character designs for the world and Claire’s sketches of the Timekeeper, I’m beginning to realise how large a task this is.

Here are Bethnay’s character designs

and Claire’s sketches of the Timekeeper

Now time for me to clear up the lineart and add colour. My intentions are for Disney style lineart (i.e. no harsh black lines but darker versions of the colours I’m using instead)


Disney – The Lion King (1994)


This week our task is to turn our finalised story boards in to an animatic. In order to do this we have decided to cut out the alternate ending for our  story to focus on one clearer storyline instead. I’m quite disappointed about this as I liked the idea that depending on the Timekeeper’s choices it would influence the storyline to the world.

Today we decided that it would be easiest to split up work between us and then bring it together to create a more cohesive piece overall, so, Bethnay is going to focus on drawing the cute (but dumb) and intelligent creatures for the world, Claire is going to focus on the Timekeeper, Dervla will work on the backgrounds as she feels this fits her style most and I have taken on the task of adding colour to Bethnay and Claire’s pieces.

group plans hourglass.png

Our plans for the piece are a panel to panel transition piece showing each aspect of the story in detail along with music. We plan on coming together on Monday to edit these pieces together and I’m very excited to see how it turns out.