Following the feedback I got after my interview I updated my showreel, cv, cover letter and my website.

The changes made to my CV are very limited. I really liked the layout I had and there hadn’t been any real critique on this and so I decided to keep it the same on my final version. The main changes are that I swapped the positions of my education and experience because the experience I currently have isn’t relevant to the industry, whereas my education is. I also tried to quantify my experience with the software I had listed, I found this was quite difficult to do, and decided to cut 2 things off the list as I didn’t feel my proficiency with them compared to the others I had listed. This does mean however that the bottom of this section doesn’t line up quite as well with my skills section as it had previously.

The layout of my cover letter has changed more substantially, but the content is the same. In my feedback, Greg had told me that he liked how I had worded things, and so I didn’t feel it was necessary to change it very much. I did however reorder the paragraphs so that I was talking about myself and my skills after I talked about their company and first mentioned my placement. As well as this small change, I more or less completely revamped the layout. In my previous version, the bar at the side with my contact details which mimicked that of my CV took up almost a third of the page. This made the page seem too cluttered and it was unnecessary, so I removed it and instead put my address in the top right of the page.

For my showreel, I didn’t change too much. In my previous versions the turn arounds were too dark, so I re-rendered these with ambient occlusion rather than a standard texture with lighting set up, as well as this, I added my updated flower model to the gravestone turn around. Unfortunately, due to time I didn’t get a chance to re-render the wireframe turn around with linear tangents, but will be sure to update this when I can. I also added a turn around of my ZBrush sculpt to the end of my reel, I plan on re-rendering this with Arnold in the future so that it fits more smoothly with the rest of my reel, but I haven’t figured out how to export polypainted textures yet! Unfortunately after I had uploaded it I realised that the grave turnaround overlaps with the end of the church scene so this is something else I need to rectify.

My website hasn’t changed much; I have made slight changed to the contact section so that people aren’t put off messaging me and made my external links more obvious. I have also added a link to my art twitter so that people have an alternative way to contact me which seems more casual. As well as this I updated my showreel and added a few more images to my portfolio.


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