Creative Strategies Module Reflection

For this module we had 2 main assignments to complete which covered a vast area of the animation pipeline as well as giving us the opportunity to both work alone and with a group.

Assignment 1

The first assignment was split in to 3 parts, 2 solo assignments and 1 group assignment. I found this assignment really enjoyable and having it split in the way it was made it feel much more manageable to me.

Working on the animation and body mechanic for the first part of this assignment really helped me realise that animation is not a  part of the pipeline which I enjoy, but I learnt a lot of important skills through this and had the opportunity to try new animation techniques which was important for the second assignment we worked on.

Part two of this assignment was modelling and UV mapping a scene which tells a narrative. This was the team part of this assignment and working with a group of people to create an environment was a challenging but enjoyable experience. I feel that in this project we were really able to bounce ideas off eachother and take risks with our models as this was the whole challenge of the assignment. Through this assignment I really learnt the importance of thinking about topology as you model and having a good workflow for modelling, as otherwise UV mapping is much harder than it needs to be! As well as this my team discovered the importance of scene organisation as there was a point where the outliner for our project was honestly best to ignore!

The final part of this assignment was another solo project which we had complete freedom with. We were able to choose any area to focus on, from concept art through to lighting and rendering, there was even an option for theory! To me, this was the most enjoyable assignment as I had total artistic freedom to explore and was able to really pace myself with it. However this did help me realise the importance of time management when working on more than one project as I feel that this fell to the wayside as I focused more on the assignments where other people were relying on me and left this to the last minute.

Assignment 2

The second main assignment of this semester was our first opportunity to work as a team on a live brief. For this we were assigned a team and given a script by the BBC from which we had to create a minute long animation. I really enjoyed and valued this assignment as it gave us a chance to see what it is like working with a client and having stringent guidelines to adhere to.

This assignment taught us what it is like to work within the limitations set by a client and really reinforced the importance of communication on projects, not only with your team mates, but also with the client. I feel that having the chance to work alongside and present in front of the BBC for this assignment helped the majority of our class to mature and realise that there is a different level of professionalism required when you are working with a client.

These presentations also helped me gain confidence in my ability to present. Last year we had only had to present to our class mates which were much less formal, I feel that the client’s presence really pushed me to make sure that our presentations were coherent and to make sure I didn’t seem nervous in case this suggested a lack of faith in our concept.


I feel over the course of this module I have learnt a lot of new skills as well as developing those which I gained over the course of last year. This module really helped me improve my work ethic and ensure that I was someone that could be relied on by my team mates. Over all, it was a really enjoyable module and has only made me more passionate about this field.



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