Sculpt Feedback

After having gotten my sculpt to a place where I was happy with it, I decided it would be best to ask some friends who had never seen her before for their thoughts. Fresh eyes so to speak. So, I showed them these screenshots and asked them what they thought!


Erinn: Maybe add another bit to the forehead or bring the ridges closer together? Maybe not something big but the bridge of the nose looks a bit too empty? The symmetry otherwise looks well. Its just that middle seems a bit off. So, maybe bringing it down at the front would be good.

Lorna: The only thing I see is that the gap between the nose and mouth is quite big, I would lover the nose a little and bring the mouth up the finest bit. If needs be, move the bottom of her face and neck up so them it fits better, but I do like that face the it is long as it seems more mythical or something.

I made these amendments and then asked some friends outside the course for their opinions.


Laura: There seems to be what looks like a knot in the wood on the left one, even if you made that more pronounced or a lil more irregular? It’s nice uniform too, but if thats the effect you want from it!

Beth: yeah totally, also initially i thought the right horn was slightly more curled, and i really like the idea of a more irregular/asymmetrical look!


I was able to make these changes fairly easily to achieve a result I am happy with! Now I need to retopologise it!

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