Dryad – Final Sculpt

Despite problems with previous files, I managed to complete my sculpt! I am honestly really proud of how this project has turned out, considering that at the start of the semester I had never touched ZBrush or any other sculpting software before!


I sculpted her completely in ZBrush after realising how arduous a process it would have been modelling a base in Maya first and then transferring to ZBrush. Although starting this new program was daunting to say the least, I found that it was relatively easy to understand the UI and get the tools to behave themselves. ZRemesher really turned out to be a life saver because though I originally tried to redraw the topology myself, I could not figure out what the edge flow and topology should look like for the helmet. Although I lose a lot of detail in the helmet by using the ZRemesher, I am still very happy with the results.


As well as this, ZBrush has the option to paint textures directly on to your sculpt and this was a feature which I found to be a lot of fun! I think that the painted texture really helps with how my sculpt reads and over all I am very happy with it’s likeness to my original concept.

In the future I would love to go back and add more detail back in to the helmet as well as adding moss to it to make it clearer that it is meant to be made out of wood. If I do, I’ll make an updated post about it!


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