Learning by Watching

After my first attempts at sculpting my dryad didn’t quite go to plan I decided it would be best to go back to reference videos and pay more attention to them.

I found Danny Mac’s tutorial on how to sculpt a stylized head incredibly helpful for blocking out the basics of my mesh, it really forced me to get a better understanding of the tools and how they work, as he presumes that you know this already. Seeing how he blocked out the skull before going in to add details and muscle mass to the face really showed me the importance of underlying forms when you are working on a sculpt.

Nick DuPree’s approach to sculpting a head is so different to Danny’s it’s insane. This tutorial has been incredibly helpful for the mouth and eye area of my sculpt; the method Danny used for the eyelids was incredibly effective however my mesh is different to his and so I was having a hard time working with it in the same way as him, so far I’ve found Nick’s method seems to be working much better for me.

When researching for this project I came across this series of tutorials on Digital Tutors. This goes in to great detail on how to sculpt a very high poly, very detailed ent like creature. Although the workflow for this sculpt seems much more difficult than those of the previous tutorials I watched, I found the section on creating moss using fibremesh made it seem much less daunting – maybe I will be able to add this to mine?


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