Interview Feedback

Today I got to talk to Greg a bit about how I got on in my interview last week. The first piece of advice he gave me way that I come across as very nervous and need to be more succinct with my answers to questions rather than rambling to fill the silence.  He suggested that I have a page on my site I could talk people through to help tell them a bit about myself as this may help me be less nervous.

Then he gave me some really helpful feedback on the work which I brought with me to the interview:


  • Move education above work experience: although experience usually trumps education, I have not yet done work which is relevant to the field.
  • Quantify the experience I have with software rather than just listing it.

Cover Letter

  • Get rid of branding; it takes up too much room.
  • Remove Piranha Bar’s address/ replace with my own as it is currently confusing
  • I have researched the company well and worded things nicely, move this paragraph to the beginning of the letter.


  • Make everything bigger.
  • Change contact form so it is only asking for name, email, and message: Anything more will put people off
  • Make external links more obvious


  • Turnarounds need to be brighter
  • Animate with straight tangents: the ease in/ out doesn’t do anything for models and makes it seem amateurish

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