Where to start?

Starting my sculpt has been an incredibly daunting experience because although I am excited about the possibilities of ZBrush, learning a new program is intimidating! I thought it would be best to start off in Maya as this is a work flow I am more familiar with and beginning to sculpt my dryad in this wouldn’t be much different to my head model last year?


I quickly began to remember how long my head model took last year, and found this more difficult because it was abnormal anatomy and scrapped this, deciding that no matter how scary ZBrush seems, it must be better than this.

In ZBrush I was able to block out the shape I wanted for my model fairly quickly and then moved on to adding details, I am really happy with how the nose looks and the lips are also progressing nicely!

After working more on the lips I began to think about the eyes and where to place them. I don’t know how to add another mesh for the eyeballs yet, so I am still guessing where they should be placed and hoping that they’ll look okay!


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