Character Design

After looking at how different artists have interpreted dryads, I began working on my own designs.

non human1.png

My first ideas for my creature were mainly non human, with masses of branches twisting over each other to form strange and interesting shapes. The concepts above were ideas for the one race or form of dryad, who allowed hollows in their branches to create expressions. As Greek mythology suggests that dryads and humans interact and live hand in hand with each other, I included a mask in this design, which the dryads would wear when interacting with humans. The mask I drew however was broken, suggesting that the dryad had been betrayed.

Although I really liked these designs, I wasn’t sure how I would even begin to approach sculpting them, and so I decided it would be for the best if these creatures stayed 2D and I went for a more human design. From here, I began to work on more designs incorporating different things I had liked when researching dryads.



My favourites of these are the top right and middle designs, I like the almost child like aspect of the top right, while the middle one, I love the idea of the branches forming a crown for her. So, I began to sketch combinations of these:

Although I still need to refine the style I want for my final design, I think I have now got the basics of what I want pinned down, and I’m excited to begin sculpting her.


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