Merging Nature with Humans

While researching dryads, I found that most of my favourite designs combined elements found in nature with human or non human anatomy to create believable creatures. I began to do more research in to this and realised that this was a technique used by two of my favourite artists in their work.

Katie O’Neill – Tea Dragon Society

For Katie’s webcomic “The Tea Dragon Society,” she combines plants, flowers and herbs used in the production of herbal teas with different anatomies to create these adorable dragons. Something I found really interesting was the progression of anatomy as she began to draw them more regularly for the web comic. The earlier Chamomile sketches were based off her cat anatomy wise, while the new designs feel sturdier and mythical.

Caro Waro

The entire plot of Caro Waro’s upcoming comic Crepanquine is based of the idea of human anatomy  shifting and becoming one with nature, only in this world it is seen as a curse. Women who become infected grow a wand from their index finger. Personally I find these designs stunning and would love to be able to design something like this. Caro also did this in her previous artbook Asteroid with the character above Voltra. I love the effect of combining these different plants and personally this design makes me want to know more about the character.


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