Website Draft

For Class tomorrow, Greg asked us to have a rough idea of what we want in terms of layout for our websites, or to have a basic version of what we want done taking in to consideration the websites we had looked at a few weeks ago.


The first thing I decided to look at was colour palette for my site. My username on most social media (ArtStation, Sketchfab etc.) is ShiftyPeach and so I wanted to incorporate this in some way. After some thought I came up with the palette you can see above. The first two and the white will be used as background strips to help separate each section of my site, the gray will be used for any writing (I felt that black would be too jarring) and the peach colour at the end will be used for my logo.


After deciding on a colour palette, I next worked on what I wanted the rough layout of my website to be. I want to have a  trickle down style site with most of the content to be on the one page as this will be easiest for users to navigate. I plan on having separate pages for my portfolios so that the page doesn’t get too cluttered. The best thing about this style of layout is that it can easily be navigated on mobile as well as on desktop.

Notes from Class

Content and how it’s conveyed is important: everything should be relevant.

Try and get a custom domain:

  • This will seem more professional.
  • You can then get an email at this domain.
  • Do not get through GoDaddy.
  • Get your domain and hosting separately.

Do not have any auto-playing music: it is not professional.

Don’t go overboard on branding:

  • Simple is more effective.
  • Get your name out there: you are not a studio.

You do not need loads of content:

  • How it’s laid out is more important
  • Don’t bombard them



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