Abandoned Church

After assembling the scene, we were finally finished our environment and now just had to figure out the best ways to show it off! We decided to have a series of stills to show off the models as well as our composition and each created a few.

As well as this, we had time to do the video we had been planning on from the beginning. For this, we took a lot of inspiration from Caitlín’s gorgeous experimental video she had put together earlier in the project. Lorna and I spent a while discussing what sort of shots we should have and then Lorna set up the cameras to render from!

I put these renders through FCheck to make short shots from different perspectives and then sent these on to Caitlín t o edit together as editing is something she is really passionate about and both Lorna and I felt that she would be able to approach editing them in a more creative and interesting way than us.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been this proud of a project. Working with my team was an absolute pleasure, every member was so supportive and understanding throughout the project and because of this there has been so little stress and I have enjoyed this project so much.

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