Body Mechanic

When it came to deciding what to do for my body mechanic I had a hard time choosing from the wide variety of references which I had watched. However, after watching Masahiro Ushiyama‘s videos I was more interested in doing something athletic rather than simple as a challenge to myself.

From here I went on to look at my options and decided on a weight lift as I thought this would be an interesting thing to look at. As I wanted to challenge myself, I planned on animating a snatch, a type of weight lift done in the Olympics. The objective of a snatch is to lift the weight from the ground to over your head in one fluid motion and so I decided to try my hand at this. When looking at tutorials, I found this step by step showing the key poses with in a snatch for those interested in learning the technique, this was a great resource when it came to blocking out my animation.

This was my first blocking pass for my weight lift body mechanic. While blocking out the key poses I realised how over complicated I had made this for myself by planning on doing a snatch rather than a normal weight lift because of the added jump before throwing the weight over their head. So, I decided to get rid of the jump and just wing it.

I asked my group for some feedback on my blocking pass and Lorna was honestly so helpful. The advice she gave me was this, “I think he should stay crouched down longer, his body is too upright when the weight is only at his torso (though maybe it looks more upright as it is front the front view?) Bending his spine more could get a nice curve in there. His arms should be closer and his elbows more noticeably bent. (again may be because of front view though).”

As well as asking my team for critiques on my weight lift, I asked Alec who told me that he feels the character should bend down more before he lifts the weight and also that he bends back too fast, therefore should be straighter around frame 32.

When it came to polishing my animation I kept these critiques in mind and also tried to ensure that the weight felt heavy enough when he was lifting it above his head. I think that over all the animation reads okay, but the weight still feels a bit light.


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