Resume Draft

For class today, Greg asked us to have a rough draft of our resume done so that we could give each other advice and figure out ways to improve them. Below is my (very) rough draft. I wanted to use the header I currently have on my blog as well as a logo which will be used on my site to tie together my professional world with my social media.



Make Bio more coherent:

  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • If it is too wordy recruiters won’t want to read it.


  • Show your proficiency with it.
  • Make sure it is clear – if using a circle, think of it as being like a clock.
  • Don’t bullshit.

Add references.

Every decision should have a reason:

  • Think of colours and what the person seeing it will relate the colours to.


  • Add voluntary work: student mentor, MACtivist.
  • Past tense rather than present tense: shows you have completed something.
  • Use as many “power words” as possible.
  • Bullet points may work better than paragraphs.
  • What are the benefits of your role? How does it make you a better than other applicants.

Enter competitions:

  • Very few people actually enter them, so there is a chance you could win.
  • It won’t affect your reputation negatively: people will just forget the mediocre ones.
  • You are a student: people will understand that you are still learning.

Write about your hobbies and interests:

  • Try to make a connection with the person reading it.
  • Name forums, books, sites and shows: this will make your passion seem more real.

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