Building the Church

After getting all of our assets modelled and UV mapped we came together to finalise the layout of our scene and begin to assemble it.

In Lorna’s original church research she found that most churches are cross shaped, with a main body of  the church and a section off to each side. Jonny was in charge of modelling the floorboards so made a basic layout based on that fact. He showed us all this layout as well as a few church blue prints he had found during his research and we all agreed that this layout would be best for our scene.

From here we came together to create a basic blue print of where we wanted our props (minus the books/boxes of stuff/ivy, they would be added in later!) Lorna drew this out and made a key for each object, so it would be easier to place everything in the one scene.

We decided the best way to put together the scene would be to put all of our models on Dropbox and work from there, using a mac in our room to set up the scene. Lorna, Caitlín and Jonny worked together to add in all of the main things to the scene. I then added in the models which I had made for the scene.

There were however some problems when it came to putting together our final scene:

  • Caitlín and Jonny found it difficult to create a shell that would fit around the rafters as well as fitting the stain glass windows. We didn’t want to make the rafters too big, but also wanted to make sure that the windows were large enough to show off all of the amazing detail which Jonny had put in to them
  • When putting in the organ, we realised that with it on the altar where we had originally planned to put it, the scene began to look cluttered, so we needed to find somewhere else to put it. Caitlín came up with the great idea to make a balcony and have the organ up there, like an area where the choir would have been  during services. Lorna then made one using Jonny’s arches and my frames, the result of this is something gorgeous which I think really adds an extra dimension to our scene, and draws more focus to both Jonny’s windows and John’s organ.
  • As well as having to make a balcony for John’s organ, we realised we also needed a seat, and so we resized one of the kneelers which I had modelled
  • However, when it came to rendering our videos, Lorna and I noticed that at some point along the way, the walls had either been made bigger or the balcony smaller as the edges no longer reached the walls. Even though we had increment saved throughout the project, this had happened too far back for us to find a save to work from efficiently
  • We also had to re-import my pews and kneelers, as when originally added to the scene, the kneelers had been mistaken by the other members of my scene as the pews and the pews were nowhere to be seen.
  • When we imported in the boxes full of stuff, the books didn’t import in with them correctly and so we had to reimport these as well.
  • When adding my candle racks, we realished that the confession boxes and coffins were almost the same size as the arches, and so we had to resize these so that the scale was more realistic.
  • The fancy door Caitlín had modelled for the entrance to the church also needed to be fixed as there were faces on top of eachother, which created an unholy light on the door when we tried to render
  • The outliner was an absolute disaster throughout the process of setting up our scene and as such I took time to clean it up.. Some items within our scene were made up of geometry which hadn’t been combined, while other things.. such as ivy leaves.. had been added individually to the scene and in no way grouped. It was a tedious process but in the end I think was worth it.
  • We also realised that the side sections of the church seemed kind of dull as they didn’t have any windows or such, and so I did a very simple stain glass window model which you can see in some of the stills.

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