Before beginning our own websites, Greg advised us to have a look at some other people’s to get an idea of the content people include and to help us understand what we like in a website.


Alexandra Douglass’s website is definitely my favourite of those I looked at. Her layout is very crisp and clean and she uses negative space very well. I think that the structure she follows is very effective and easy to navigate.

poly content.png

I like Seth Quinnet’s minimalistic approach to his website, it feels very professional and I think gets across the brand he is aiming for. The portfolio on the main page helps to add life, however, I feel that the negative space could be put to better use.


To me, David Mattock’s site had clear direction, however, I don’t feel that it was a great direction… The orange highlighted text was very distracting and because of this I found it difficult to read the information on screen. I also felt that his site was too cluttered for me to properly take in any one thing. While I liked how his navigation was set up, I feel that this has helped me see what to avoid when it comes to working on my own site.

Notes from class

Separate your work in to different sections:

  • Have clear separation between personal work and studio/ university work.
  • Talk about the work? Explain who/ what it is for.

Embed animations.

Showreel and portfolio should be prominent.

Make sure it feels like an artists site:

  • You are a person, not a studio.
  • Make sure you get across your personality.

It is not a blog:

  • Don’t make it too wordy.
  • Make sure the layout is different to that of your blog: especially if they link.

If your website is linked to your blog, update regularly: this can even be a post to let them know you are busy and will update soon.




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