Church Research

After deciding that we were definitely going to model an abandoned church Caitlín went to St Peter’s Cathedral and captured these stunning photos of the church (note: this is only a fraction of  her photos! She  really is a gift!) These photos are not only really inspiring but will also be really helpful as references when it comes to modelling and creating the layout we want for the church.

While at St. Peters, Caitlín also got some gorgeous footage which she edited to make this stunning experimental piece. Not only is this gorgeous piece great for us to have for modelling references, it also shows ways we could potentially show off our final scene if we have the time.

The first place I thought of when researching churches was my local church, St Patrick’s in Lisburn. I found some gorgeous photos by John McDonald on Flickr.

Something we all thought would be interesting to look at was the Sept from Game of Thrones as it has a very unusual octagonal shape, the stained glass windows and the humongous statues which look over the room. This also gave us the idea of including a coffin to the scene to make it more sinister.

Marmoset released their trailer for Toolbag 3 and in it was this gorgeous church scene by Joe Wilson. I thought that the simplicity and gorgeous windows really added to the scene, especially how they were lit. Joe Wilson also created this altar which is equally stunning.

When looking in to other people’s 3D environments Becca Blair found this gorgeous scene by Aurélien Martel on Sketchfab. I got her to send me the link as I thought that the lighting and larout were really interesting and could be a really useful reference for our scene.

Although these are temples rather than churches, I think they are gorgeous! Mohamed Ben Khalifa‘s ornamental environment piece is absolutely stunning. I found Tobias Koepp’s Desert Temple Scene on Ten Thousand Hours really inspiring and thought that the composition in the shots was lovely and something we could maybe replicate within our final shots.

David Edwards‘ concept pieces also inspired me a lot; I loved how overgrown his scenes were, the nature really adds to the atmosphere within the shot.

Eric Wong‘s environment concepts for the Valence Cloister in Dragon Age: Inquisition are really gorgeous and I thought that the layout within these shots were beautiful. Lorna also suggested that John looked at these statues from Dragon Age: Inquisition for inspiration when he was modelling the statues for our scene and I thought that this gave a good insight in to how we were imagining our scene progressing.

I came across this article about St George’s Church in Lukova in the Chzech Republic, also known as ‘The Church of the Nine Ghosts’ which was abandoned after the roof caved in during a funeral in 1968. Seeing this as a bad omen, the people in the town boarded up the church and left it abandoned. This art installation was created by Jakub Hadrava because people wanted to restore the church. The result of this was incredibly creepy, and I think it really shows the unsettling nature we want to convey in our scene.

Researching this has really inspired me for our project and I am so excited to see how it turns out!


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