Body Mechanic References


Before beginning to block out my body mechanic, I decided to look at reference videos to see what other people had done and what I could potentially do.

I thought this sit down, get up cycle by Henrik Tvinde was really stunning  as although it is a fairly simple mechanic it is done incredibly smoothly, and the details and subtle movements within this action are gorgeous. I also loved that he shows his reference video and blocking passes along with the final animation.

Masahiro Ushiyama‘s videos were massively helpful when looking to simplify the shapes to get a smoother, less robotic feel within a body mechanic. I also think that his style of animating is very cute. His boxing animation opened my mind up to the range of possibilities there were within body mechanics, beyond just jumps or standing up.

I then looked at examples of different body mechanics, especially those which show clear weight distribution within the references. I found this post by Steven Holmes incredibly inspiring as it shows clearly how the body reacts to weight and the steps to take when animating someone lifting the weight.

I remember speaking to Edward Boyle about his body mechanic and so looked at his blog to see if I could use his piece as a reference or find something helpful within his research. Seeing his blog reminded me of how helpful the Animators Survival Kit could be for this project as well as my walk cycle.

I found this when looking for tutorials that could possibly help me, and found it very entertaining, if not slightly frustrating.


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