After looking through the example reels we had researched for this week, Greg gave us a few pointers on a few of the different types of reels there are in the industry.

Generalist reels

  • May make you more employable.
  • Should still showcase your interests: show you are “T-shaped.”

Modelling reels

  • You may need to model your design in a dynamic pose rather than and A or T pose to sell it to clients/ perspective jobs: remodel for rigging if it is approved.
  • Show the topology
  • Turntables: Models should move, not the camera. Be thoughtful about the textures and lighting.
  • Consider showing UV’s
  • Plac

Animation reels

  • Focus on acting rather than simple animations.
  • Have short cycles: walk, run, to/from idle.
  • Show project work: have breakdowns.
  • Make sure the timing works with your music.

Lighting reels

  • Show lit characters as well as environments.
  • Focus on shading.

Rigging reels

  • Show the models potential!
  • Callisthenics.
  • Character animating.

Compositing reels

  • Show 1 or 2 shots rather than repeating loads of stuff.
  • Show the process.

Concept Art reel

  • Show case composition.
  • Can be nice to go alongside a portfolio but aren’t necessary.
  • Have 3D concepts and explore their potential.

Motion Graphics reel

  • Will prevent you from working in VFX and film
  • Can be good for title sequences and ads




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