Learning to Walk

This week, Alec showed us a demo of how to animate a walk cycle and the steps he would take when animating a walk cycle. In this demo, Alec broke the walk cycle down to different phases; working on the legs first, then the body, arms and finally adding a slight bob to the head.

I found this demonstration incredibly helpful because, although I had looked at tutorials and such, actually finding the best way to approach it for myself was proving very difficult.

So, I studied Alec’s demo files for a while and then went back to looking at tutorials and reference videos.

I found this tutorial by Q-hyun Kim incredibly helpful as he looks at the relationship between the shoulders and hips in the characters movements from the front as well as the side.

Alan Becker’s walk cycle tutorial was also very helpful as it shows a wide variety of walk cycles and breaks up the steps of the walk cycle well.

I really liked how Dermot from TheAngryAnimator approached the walk cycle in this tutorial, again clearly demonstrating the relationship between the hips and shoulders. He also shows the advantages and disadvantages of animating a walk cycle in place vs walking forward which I found very interesting.

Thomas in my class went out one lunch and got a video of people just walking normally, carrying out their normal lives. This was really interesting as it showed the immense variation in people’s natural walks as compared to those which are aware that they will be used as a reference.

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