Finalising my Decision

Trying to decide between all the options for this third part has been difficult, there are a lot of things which seem really interesting and which I feel I would enjoy learning more about and exploring the possibilities of, but I have decided to stick with my original thoughts and choose option B; sculpting.


  • High-poly sculpture
  • Retoplogised mesh suitable for animation
  • HD stills and/or turntable render
  • Give credit to the concept artist on your blog/ showreel

Consider the following:

  1. Character pose and underlying forms
  2. Silhouette
  3. Details
  4. Material/Shader
  5. Topology tools & techniques

For this project I’m planning to create my own concept to work from rather than working from the concepts provided as this allows me to combine this with aspects of the concept art option. I think I’m going to focus on a character head/ bust as this will allow me to add more detail to the final piece while keeping it manageable for the time we have.

Although texture isn’t compulsory for this, ideally I would love to have a go doing some hand painted textures for this project as I think it would really add to the end result.


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