Props for Diner

After  having decided on the diner as our scene we made a list of props we would need to model the interior. It is a long list…


I think it may be best to look at this scene from the exterior, possibly with shots looking through the windows of the diner to reduce the amount of assets we need to create and make the project more manageable.

We decided tonight to have a go at some of the props. I focused on the diners till.

I looked at a few photo references as well as a few 3D models made by other artists.

Even though this model isn’t complete and is fairly basic, I am very happy with the progress I’ve made on it.

Something else I really loved and wanted to focus on within our scene was the signs of the diner. I suggested we could name it “Carl’s Diner” or something silly like that as an Easter Egg within our scene and looked at a few tutorials to see how we would be able to do the neon signs that would be a big part of it if we were to do an exterior scene, especially to add in the neo-noir aspect.

I found these tutorials fairly helpful and hope it’s something that I can use if I get a chance to attempt the lighting.

I also found out about the mesh light option that was added to Maya 2017 along with Arnold. This may be particularly helpful in terms of creating the signs for the diner.


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