Diner Inspiration

After deciding on the 50’s Diner, we began to look at inspiration for our project. We made a list of films and games we could look at as references.

Jack Rabbit Slim’s -Pulp Fiction

Fiona’s Diner – Cinderella Story

Lou’s Cafe – Back to the Future

Annette’s Diner – Disneyland Paris

Eddie Rocket’s

Double R Diner – Twin Peaks (any project with a Twin Peaks reference is a good project)

Various Images from Flicker – hover for credits


Sweet Neon by Wrightam

After looking at a lot of references I felt it would be best to look in to 3D scenes that had been created by other artists for inspiration. I looked on DeviantArt and found these ones. Tog’s Diner (bottom right) was particularly inspiring to me, there was so much going on in the scene but it still seemed like something that could be feasible scale wise for our project. I also loved the simplistic styles of JoshBurnstein and Dementedvision, though I’m not sure they would work as well to create an appropriate atmosphere for our project.

I came across Malte Sturm‘s project Coffebot – Mr Bean while looking for diner references and really loved the simplicity of this piece. Even though it is a simpler piece, I feel it has been done in a way which is really effective. I think that we may be overcomplicating this scene for ourselves and simplifying it to focus on quality could be important.

This piece I found on a thread on blenderartists.org I feel is also a good example of how simplicity can be more effective. I especially like the second shot where the outside of the diner is the focus, but there are small details visible through the windows.

Kimmokaunela‘s Diner and Abandoned Gas Station posts on polycount were also a massive inspiration to me, these scenes are a lot more detailed than the previous ones I looked at but were gorgeous. The only problem with this is that a lot of the scenes rely heavily on textures, which isn’t a part of our project.

There’s something I find really unique about 50’s style diners, it makes me question why these checkered floors, leather seats and bright colours are something so associated with this era, yet recreated time and time again. This is a scene I’m really looking forward to exploring further and putting our own twist on.


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