More Research

Although we aren’t sure yet what we want our final scene to be, we have all agreed it should be somewhere abandoned. While I was doing my own research in to what it could be, the rest of my group found some really gorgeous and inspiring stuff as well!

Caitlín came across this article talking about designs by Triptyque Architecture to create a residential skyscraper in São Paulo which would be multi-purposeful, containing 400 apartments, a hotel, offices and shops. She also shared with us a range of designs for other projects which Triptyque have worked on, but I found this design which was almost overgrown with tropical plants, showing the man-made world working along side nature, to be the most inspiring. I think it would be something we could focus on within our scene, especially if we go ahead with it being somewhere abandoned.

Another article which Caitlín came across was this one showing the 33 most beautiful abandoned places in the world. I thought these images were absolutely stunning, I found the photo of the castle at Wonderland Amusement Park in Beijing particularly haunting.

After seeing the temple in the article that Caitlín shared, John shared these images of temples which he found really inspiring. I thought the ones of Shambhala/ Shangri-la from Uncharted 2 were absolutely gorgeous. This abandoned city with beautiful temples is supposedly hidden somewhere in the Himalayas, the entrance is inside an abandoned monastery and watched day and night by the Shambhala Guardians. I think that this is a really gorgeous idea and looking at these photos inspired Lorna a lot.

The images John had shared with us spurred Lorna to look at Tomb Raider (realistically, Lorna didn’t even need an excuse to look at Tomb Raider.. but she got one any way.) Over the years, Lara Croft has explored countless religious places and temples (always abandoned of course.) It turns out that Ta Prohm temple that John had showed us was also  one of the filming locations for Tomb Raider!

On the other hand, Jonny was more inspired by the image of the amusement park in Pripyat. He shared with us these gorgeous photos of abandoned theme parks. He mentioned the structure of the rides and the basic shapes and stunning silhouttes throughout.

I thought Jonny’s theme parks were stunning, and looked more in to Pripyat’s abandoned theme park.  The photos of this place were so haunting as the park had never been used but had still fallen in to disrepair.

Because of how much research we did as a team, Lorna made this video scrolling through some of the pages of research we had put together. In it she looks at:


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