Caitlín suggested we looked at Neo-Noir style for our scene. It’s a futuristic take on Film Noir focusing on the light and shadows within the scene with a lot of neutral colours throughout and brighter, more vibrant colours on the main focuses.

This style is used a lot in films, Bladerunner and Akira come to mind instantly, and it really adds to the mood and narrative.



I thought that Elsa Bleda‘s photography really shows how this style works in real life and where it draws it’s inspiration from. I think that looking at this as well as the films and games that use this style could give us a really solid base for implementing this style in our own work.

The recent sub-genre of ‘glow’ within ‘vaporwave’ has also taken a lot of inspiration from neo-noir style, I found Esdeline‘s photography to be a prime example of this.


Réflexions Faites is a really gorgeous project which Caitlín shared with us. It has a beautiful style and it really inspires me.

Jonny also found this (slightly odd) but gorgeously lit music video which has a lot of neo-noir vibes, I absolutely love it.

One genre that really utilises this style to it’s advantage is Cyberpunk. A lot of cityscapes done in this style use the Neo-Noir style to produce stunning results. I think that if we use this in our project it could look gorgeous.

More References



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