Abandoned Places

After discussing more with as a group, we decided to focus on somewhere abandoned as the location of our scene. I think that if we are going to do an abandoned building it may be easiest to work from something that we are all familiar with as this means it’ll be easier to create a suitable atmosphere for the narrative.

Here’s some stuff I found really inspiring for our scene:

Abandoned Warehouse

I found this Josh Rocklage’s photos and video of this place in Stillwell, Kansas really gorgeous composition-wise and think that if we did something like this it would be amazing if we were able to do a short movie/ video like his to explore the scene and better get across the atmosphere. I think that lighting would be really fun to play around with lighting in a scene like this, however I feel we would need to add extra elements to this scene to make sure it wasn’t too empty/ boring

Truck Stops

I thought Phillipe Riechert‘s photography (above) was gorgeous and really liked the atmosphere that came across in them. Caitlín had suggested we looked in to Neo-Noir style for our scene and I think that this style could work really beautifully with this location.

Abandoned Factory

Esquilo Mocanhoso‘s exploration of an abandoned factory has major Fallout 3 vibes and I thought would be work really well as a 3D modelled scene as there is a clear narrative behind it.

Artist’s Villa

When researching abandoned places I found Olli Syrjäkari’s Photography blog showing all of the abandoned places he has visited. I thought that his post showing an artist’s home and studio which had been left derelict after their passing was hauntingly beautiful. This place that had once been the centre of someone’s life now empty has an eerie feel which I thought could be really interesting for a scene.

Abandoned Hospital

I thought this idea could be really interesting, there is a lot of opportunity for us to look at composition and it will be easy to get a narrative across. Hospitals have a strange atmosphere at the best of times but these photos by Adam Slater show how when they are left abandoned, the equipment becomes outdated and they become more foreign and unsettling.

Abandoned Church

Photos of St Joseph’s in Wigan by Scotty-Markfour on 28DaysLater

Photos of St Joseph’s in Wigan by Vaux Bex

One idea Lorna suggested which I think we all really liked was the idea of an abandoned church. This would give us a lot of opportunity to play with lighting and positive/negative space within the scene. I think that churches, like hospitals, definitely have their own atmosphere and so I think it would be interesting to play around with this and take away the sacredness related to them.

Abandoned Water Park

Sticking with the theme of changing the atmosphere related to wherever the scene is set, I thought off a water park. Jonny had mentioned looking at an abandoned fun fair (like that in Pripyat) but I don’t really like clowns or fun fairs very much so I decided to look at kind of similar things. This is how I came across Chris Staring‘s photography of the Ho Thuy Tien water park in Veitnam. I thought that this sort of scene would be really fun to look at as there is such a variety of things that we could have involved with it. As well as this, it could draw in aspects of other possible scenes.

While looking at possible scenes we could model, I thought it would be helpful to look at scenes that other artists had modelled and see how they achieved the atmosphere etc they wanted within their scene.

During this process I found scenes by German digital artist Cornelius Dämmrich. I thought that the composition in his scenes were gorgeous, he makes the spaces looked lived in and realistic without them becoming too cluttered. His textures and lighting really add to these environments and if we have time I would love to add lighting to achieve a scene with the same impact as his.


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