Part 2: Modelling Project

The second part of our Creative Development assignment is a modelling project where we are to create a 3D scene which conveys a narrative. For this project we’ll be working in groups to model and UV map all the assets required for a full scene layout.

For this project it is important we consider the composition of our scene as well as how it is organised, techniques for modelling including making sure we have god topology workflows and UV mapping techniques and ways we can display this scene in a 360° format.

I was the last person to not have a group, so, Alec asked me to go with Caitlín, John, Jonny and Lorna. For Monday we’re going to have some research done for ideas of what our scene could be, whether this is scenes from games or movies which inspire us or just places in our everyday lives which we think could have an interesting narrative around them.

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