Part 1: Animation

The first aspect of our Creative Development assignment is Animation. For this part of our project we have been asked to create a series of animations using the Body Mech Rigs by Joe Daniels. These should include a walk cycle and at least one form of body mechanics (examples: getting up from a seated position or laying down, turning 180° or jumping across a gap) and should be based upon the principles of animation.

As part of this, it is important that we look at different animation techniques, for example, blocking vs. straight ahead animation.

Another important part of this project is ensuring that we’re working from references for our animations. We should watch people around us as well as having video references which we can base our work off because otherwise the actions we have our characters do may look floaty or lack believability. Reference photos may also come in handy as we can use these to help block out key poses within our animations.


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