Module Reflection

I really enjoyed Imaging and Data Visualisation as a module, it has been a very interesting module and really challenged my abilities. This module really threw us in at the deep end in terms of software and while I found this very difficult at the beginning, the lessons throughout the semester along with extra help from both my tutors and classmates made learning this software a lot less daunting and more enjoyable.

Both assignments of this module really tested my time management capabilities and were quite deceiving in terms of how long I thought the assignments would take. While the floating city seemed incredibly daunting, the research and planning of it took a lot longer than the actual modelling and texturing of the objects. The face model was the opposite, planning this model mas much less complicated and took much less time than the actual modelling.

Another thing that this module has taught me is how important it is to save often and have backups of my work. The amount of times Maya crashed just as I went to save was infuriating, but this also taught me how deleting the history every once in a while can really up the performance of the software (and reduce the risk of it crashing…) which was a very important lesson to learn.

Overall, the way this module was planned and carried out was great, and the support from tutors during this was also amazing. The range of things Alec and Conánn taught us during tutorials was incredibly helpful both for this module and our other module New Narratives and allowed me to experiment with the software, becoming more comfortable and confident as the semester went on. All of the knowledge I have gained over the course of this semester will play a huge role in helping the transition in to second year and on to placement.


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