Finished Head Model

So my head model is finally finished, and I am honestly so happy with the results.



After working on this for so long and spending such a long time staring at my own face, I must say I am very glad to have finished this assignment. I am happy with how the shape of this has turned out, however because I didn’t manage my time as well as I should have, I didn’t leave enough time to make my end head model as unsymmetrical as my actual face is, so it looks very strange and not that much like me in my opinion.

Regardless of it’s likeness to me though, I am very happy with how the topology of my final model and know that if I had of managed my time better I could have done more in terms of making this look more like myself.

For this head model, I used Duylinh Nguyen‘s series of videos to help me along the way, this series was immensely helpful, however there were points where I varied from his way of doing things as it seemed to create a lot of unnecessary poles.



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