Final Presentation

We did it! Today was our final presentation for our 15 second animation! Unfortunately, because of personal issues, Sinéad wasn’t able to present with us today but I’m really happy with how smoothly the presentation went overall. Thankfully, everyone was well prepared for the presentation, so we didn’t seem unprofessional.

Here’s the version of our animation that we presented and our final presentations:



  • To make them look more like space hoppers: mia_material > rubber > 40% chalk
  • To get the set to look more like Pocoyo: mia > amb_occ_

Camera angle is too high:

  • Camera should be locked in a single longshot
  • Bring down the camera so that viewers feel like they are among the space hoppers or are one of them
  • Nickelodeon: Brown and Purple

Focus on emotions – Aim small miss small:

  • Less acting needed
  • Faces may not be needed – emotions can and should be displayed through their movements


  • If we decide to do faces we should work with K’s group to figure it out


  • Should be more like the 2D animatic
  • Don’t let the software dictate the animation
  • It can be punchy – doesn’t have to be 100% smooth

Possible summer project:

  • Make 3D version of typography and animate it


After doing this presentation:


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