15 Second Animation: Animatics, Maya testings and Sounds

Samantha’s amazing post on all out sound stuff in particular and really everything we’vve done because she’s a gem

Squigley Does Animation

Over the last week, a lot has been done between the four of us. Sinéad has done a lot of video research using balloons – experimenting with how our space hoppers can be animated and potential sounds they can make. She also made test sets on Maya and also played around with lighting.. I drew up our storyboard, which has been lined and coloured digitally by Megan. Myself and Megan made space hopper models on Maya and Clíodhna has been drawing up faces for the hoppers and working on adding 2D faces to the hoppers on Maya, as well as making typography for the start/end credits.

To start, let’s show Sinéad’s video experiments.

Quick 2D animation of a bouncing ball.

Water ballon sounds and morphing.

Water balloons bouncing, moving and morphing.

Experiment with the final part of our planned animation – after the two bigger space hoppers collide and pop.


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