Tutorial With Yuanyuan Chen

Today, after our last lecture for New Narratives, we had one to one tutorials with Yuanyuan on how we are doing this semester. We had a chance to talk about our project as well as a few other things and what she advises to help me improve with these.


Yuanyuan’s advice for our project was to figure out deadlines for each section of our animation and stick to them. According to this will make it easier for us to finish our animation in the time we have. It is more important that we have a finished piece that we can make improvements on than the start of it be finished to perfection but not the whole piece done.

Time Management

Something I have struggled with through out this year is time management as I tend to make myself lists which are too long and end up feeling discouraged when I don’t get everything on these lists completed. Yuanyuan’s advice for this was to get a diary where i can split the day up in to sections; from I get up until I get in to uni, the morning, a break for lunch, the afternoon, another break and then the evening. This way I can assign myself more manageable tasks based on the time I have.

Another aspect of this was to give myself deadlines. I should focus on finishing tasks rather than on perfecting tasks so that I can get more done, as well as this, if I don’t get something from the morning section done in the time I have given myself, I should move on to the afternoon tasks regardless. This means that I will get more things completed and won’t feel as pressured.


A challenge of first year has been learning to work with people who have very different styles of working and different personalities to myself. Yuanyuan reminded me that this is something our tutors want us to learn this year and understand that it has its rough points and are aware that some teams can be challenging but we should think about developing ways of working that will allow us to mix better with larger groups.


Coming up to the end of the year everyone in our class is feeling very pressured from deadlines. In our tutorial Yuanyuan was emphasising how important it is to have an outlet for this stress and encouraging me to take breaks where I can focus on doing things which I find relaxing or which help stop stress from building up.

Thinking about this, I realise how important it is and realise that if I don’t take time for myself I will end up burning myself out and not being able to get work done.

I found this tutorial very beneficial and am glad we had a chance to talk about everything. I definitely feel less stressed and know more clearly ways that I can improve how I’m working before these deadlines.


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