Looped Animations

A suggestion that Conánn made while talking to our group about our decision to scrap our original idea and begin again was to look into looped animations for inspiration as this way we can have a simple narrative but ensure that the end result is still enjoyable and appealing to audiences.

After thinking about this, I decided to look at simple looped animations for inspiration.



Untitled by Nolan J Downs

This 2D animation by Nolan J Downs has a very simple narrative with the creature falling down the stairs and changing forms as this happens. I really like its use of block colours and simple shapes and think that this style is really nice to watch.


Elephant Unicycle by Tony Pinkevich

Another 2D animation I loved was this one by Tony Pinkevich, it is incredibly simple but the character actions and personality still comes across very well. As well as this I love the pallette that he used for this piece as it draws our attention to the character and allows him to stand out very well.


Thewall Focas by Zenzuke

I love how Carlos Albarrán (Zenzuke) has shown the character’s personalities through their colour, expressions and actions and think that we should aim to achieve a similar result in ours. Another thing about this I love is the simple silhouettes and colours used in it, although the characters have the same design, their personality has been shown through the saturation of their colours.


Banana Dribble by Zenzuke

In one of his 3D pieces Zenzuke also uses a 3D model with an incredibly simple set and still camera to create an animation which seems almost 2D. I love this effect and would love to achieve something similar in our piece.

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