Stumpy Narrative – Scrapped

Since we decided to start again with out narrative we have ended up with the story of Stumpy’s Escape.. We don’t know where the name Stumpy came from, but it seems to have stuck, even though he’s a log..


  • Stumpy is in a pile of wood sleeping with the other logs
  • The door to the house opens and the shadow of the lumberjack creeps over Stumpy
  • He wakes up with a jump and tries to run away
  • Because his legs are short and blocky, when he runs they rub together
  • He notices smoke coming from his legs and realises that he has caught fire

My concept for Stumpy’s design (also end design for him?)

tree baby

Inspiration for Stumpy came from a lot of different places, but the main aim with my design was to keep him simple and easy to model.

Groot – Guardians of the Galaxy


Legend of Zelda

Final Design for the Shadow

mr maaaaaan

Models with textures

My models are the two trees on the left and the house, all textures were done by Samantha


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