Starting Over

Today after presenting our storyboards and plans for Stumpy, Conánn gave us some pretty harsh (but completely needed) feedback.

We were told that with our current idea we would struggle to make it believable  for the audience and so it may be for the best to change our plot. As it is 2 weeks before deadline, the prospect of this is very daunting to our group and so we took last night off to try and clear our heads.

One option that Conánn presented to us was that the logs in our original concept could all be sentient, so that we wouldn’t have to completely scrap this idea but as a group, we feel that it would be better to just start from scratch so that we aren’t as discouraged.

Today we have been coming up with new ideas  for our animation and revisiting old ones to see what we can draw inspiration from that’s simpler and hopefully doable in the next couple of weeks!

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