We Built This City

Yesterday we had our final presentation for our Floating City assignment and got feedback from the tutors on our outcome.

As a group we were happy with out end result and really relieved that we were able to get it fully rendered in time. The tutors advised us to focus more on the scale of our models; because we had made our models quite small, the lighting we had was very harsh and made it less believable.

As well as this advice, Conánn gave the class as a whole some tips on presentations;

  • When presenting rendered stills, don’t lose the artistry in the process, ensure that your end result is what you had in mind when doing concepts rather than letting the software dictate what the renders look like.
  • Any and all images in your presentation should line up and be pixel accurate or this will impact how professional your presentation comes across.
  • Spell check will save your life, especially if you’re doing posters and data visualisation  – otherwise, nothing matters.
  • Typography – base font should be 11px + 50% of the average age of your audience, headings should then have another 11px added to this.
  • There should be a visual hierarchy in your presentations



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