Assignment 2: Face Model

As well as presenting our first assignment of this module, yesterday we were given our second assignment:

  • Model our own face in Maya with accurate topology
  • 50% of this module
  • Submitted on 09/05/16

We have been warned that, although this assignment seems like a smaller assignment than building a floating city, this is a lot more time consuming than we expect it to be and managing our time with this alongside our work for New Narratives will be vital if we want to succeed.

Even though this is a Maya project, we should take time to sketch/draw our faces and get an understanding of them from multiple angles as this will make it a lot easier when translating it in to 3D.

As well as drawing ourselves, we should also do research in to other artists topology and tutorials in order to get an understanding of what good edge flow is and how this will affect the models we make.


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