Today we had our first presentation where we presented the basic story lines we have come up with for the project so far.


This idea I came up with and is my favourite, but won’t be used because figuring our lip-syncs and facial expressions for it would be really difficult in the time frame we have for our animation.

  • Humans make contact with aliens for the first time ever and are proper excited abour it.
  • But. To the aliens it’s really commonplace and basically like telemarketers calling them.
  • One alien passes the phone to his mate and who’s like ‘FUCK SAKE LARRY NOT AGAIN’

Flame and Candle

Clíodhna came up with this idea and our whole group really like it and is the direction we plan to take for our project.

  • Candle alone in shot
  • Flame enters
  • Flame sees the candle and is drawn to it
  • Candle turns around as the flame gets closer
  • Decides to touch the wick
  • Flame gets stuck to wick and realises the candle is melting
  • Tries to pull away but can’t
  • Candle melts and flame goes out


After our presentation, Conánn decided to move around the groups a bit and our group gained Samantha Quigley as our fourth member! We’re going to meet this week and fill Sam in on our ideas and see if we can incorporate her ideas from her previous group in to our final storyline.


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