Breaking Rule #1 and #2

Yesterday we had our presentation for assignment 2, and personally I think it could have gone a lot smoother if our group had of had more time to practice everything. I think I did well presenting and because I knew exactly what I was talking about for each section of the presentation and wasn’t relying on myself remembering the notes I had written, I was much less nervous than I have been with previous presentations.


  • Conánn really liked idea of public art for the artefact as it was nice to see work being brought out of the class.
  • Liked the meaning behind the artefact.
  • Presentation could have been more professional (more rehearsal would help with this and equal division across areas covered in the powerpoint.)

General Feedback:

“This year was by far the most consistent, you all did really well, there was no one below 50% on this one.”

  • Research should be ‘T Shaped’ – it should cover a broad range of information about the topic but then should be focused on one part of this and we should delve deep in to this.
  • Remember to have texture and hardness in your art – avoid the airbrush tool
  • The schematic was a design opportunity – it doesn’t have to just be  a straight line, it can be art.
  • Have an underlying grid in your work.
  • Harvard Referencing is an important habit to get in to.

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