Don’t Talk About It

  • Rule Number 1.. Don’t talk about Fight Club
  • Rule Number 2.. Don’t talk about Fight Club

With this iconic quote Cliodhna and I were wondering how the message of Fight Club spread so immensely and how they gained new members every week; did people just brought their friends along and didn’t tell them what was happening?

Within the movie, there are Starbucks cups placed subtly in each shot (apparently each shot.. I’m not convinced..) which is very subtle product placement in the film, unlike the product placement for Ikea which is glaringly obvious from the beginning of the film.

From this, I decided to look at subliminal advertising and see if we could do something like this as a final artefact rather than something more obviously about the film.

Subliminal advertising is “the use by advertisers of images and sounds to influence consumers’ responses without their being consciously aware of it.” 

Talking to the group, we decided to incorporate the Starbucks cup in our artefact, so based of this and relying on people taking in our work without it being glaringly obvious, I’m looking at street art, especially tagging and posters to advertise Fight Club around Belfast without it being overly obvious to people who don’t know to look for it.


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