A key part of this assignment is the schematic, which is a visual representation of the characters story-lines throughout the movie, but other than this I wasn’t really sure what a schematic was so I’ve done some research..

What is a Schematic?

A schematic drawing can be seen as a drawing showing all of the significant components, parts or tasks related to a circuit, process or project represented as simplified graphic images in place of realistic pictures. According to Wikipedia,  a schematic removes all irrelevant details and occasionally adds elements to help the information be understood more easily.

From this we can gather that a schematic for characters plot lines should help anyone looking at the piece get an idea of what’s going on with each character without necessarily having watched the actual movie.

We’ve been told to look at the maps of the underground/subway as an example of how this could be done, with characters story lines being shown in a colour unique to them and intersecting when these characters cross paths.

The lines in the schematic should be straight and turn at either 90° or 45° angles so that it is easier to follow the characters paths.


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