The other aspect of this assignment is to create an artefact that is fuelled by the narrative of the movie and all the research we do surrounding the film. Conánn has said that this artefact can be anything as long as it is an artistic expression related to the movie we’ve been given; it can be an image, sculpture, installation piece, photo, animatic, short film or animation, piece of music, interpretive dance, anything.

The definition of an artefact is “an object made by a human being, typically one of cultural or historical interest” and so whatever it is we create should be relevant to both the film and our culture. As this film is considered a Cult Classic (i.e. a film with a cult following which often goes against traditional storytelling structure)

I think that it would be interesting to focus on the themes of Fight Club or  something more abstract and less obvious related to the movie as the first rule of Fight Club is Don’t Talk About Fight Club


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