Assignment 2: Schematic and Artefact

For our second assignment we’re with the same groups as for our Vogler presentation. As I was ill on Tuesday, Jack explained to me what had to be done for this assignment.

Assignment 2 – 25%
  • Schematic: Illustrate the plots of all characters and show how they interact.
  • Artefact: Should be fuelled by the narrative of the movie and our research.
  • Blog: Show research and inform the artefact
  • Presentation: 6 minutes MAX. (there will be a timer so rehearse); presenting on 16/02/16
  • Submitted by 23:59 20/02/16: Blog link, schematic, presentation and team assessments

For this assignment, we got Fight Club, which I’m super excited about cos I love that film! Plans are to watch it and take notes on key points in the film and also look out for ideas on what we could focus on for our artefact!


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